Terms & Conditions



It will be your responsibility to;

6.1- Be present at the property at the time of removals or make sure there is someone on behalf of you is present.

6.2- Make sure nothing left behind which, should be moved. We will not be responsible of anything left behind.

6.3-  Ensure that you have all the valuables and paper work with you at the time of move.

6.4- make sure to secure all the appliances and electronic devices before hand.

6.5 – Large/bulky items and furniture needs to be adequately packed and dismantled where necessary, make sure all the furniture and other goods are in moveable condition.

6.6 – We will not be responsible to any damage to goods packed by you.


7) Further Services:


7.1- a) We provide dismantling and reassembling services for your furniture.

7.1- b) Load shifters give no surety that the furniture will be solid as previously as it is manufacturing fault.



7.2- Storage:

Load shifters provide safe and secure storage for your possessions.


8) Quote:

8.1- We provide quotes on the basis of information we get by you either on the phone or in writing.

8.2 – Basis of clause 8.1 the quote is estimated price, which can change by following:


8.2 – a) Move day changes from weekday to weekend or on public holiday or out of work hours.


8.2 - b) Floor levels not mentioned in original quote form or in telephone conversation.


8.2 – c) Any delays on the move day because of more items then mentioned when booking, extra furniture need to be dismantle or reassemble.


8.2 – d) Any delay cause by you for getting keys, waiting to collect and deliver the goods because of no one presence at the property or no sufficient documents presents at the time.


9) Goods not to be move or Store by Load shifters:

For the following items please make your own arrangements as Load shifter will not carry them for health, safety and other reasons.

9.1 – Stolen goods, drugs, and explosive items.

9.2 – Firearms and ammunition unless reserved by Government body.

9.3 - Any items, which need permission or special requirement form Government to transport.

9.4 – Any plants or similar items cause affliction and containment.


10) Insurance:


Load shifters have insurance for your goods in transit for up to £10,000.00.

10.1- To be able to covered you will need to provide a complete list of items and only these items would be covered.

10.2 – Insurance does not cover the damaged goods packed by you.

10.3 – We only cover the damage occur by our inattentiveness or by road accident.

10.4 – In order to claim it is understood that you will have to pay first £100.00 towards the claim.

10.5 – Claim must be made with in 72 hours of delivery for a claim to be valid.



11) Cancellation of Move:

If no alternative date is given then cancellation rule applies.

11.1 – We need minimum of 7 working days of notice to cancel or postpone your move.

11.2 – Working days refer to weekdays and not include weekends and public holidays.

11.3 – We will keep the any paid deposit if cancel the move less then 5 working days to your move date.

By choosing Load shifters as you removal company you are agreeing to all these terms and conditions. Any modification to this agreement must be submitted in writing 7 days prior to your move date and we will confirm the changes in writing.



12) Non-inclusion part of liability:

Load shifters will not be liable for any damage or loss to goods because of following occasion;


12.1 – Fire, War, Act of God, Invasion, Civil War, Terrorism, Rebellion, or other s circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

12.2 – Any items left in wardrobe, drawers etc. not packed.

12.3 – Damage to any machinery, equipment, electric items, musical instrumental, furniture, and computers unless proven otherwise with evidence.

12.4 – If due to your fault we are unable to deliver your goods, we will keep them in our storage facility and you will have to arrange another delivery with the cost of storage.



13) Payment:

13.1- Payment has to be made in full by cash on completion or by BACS up to 2-3 days prior to your move.

13.2 – if payment not been received in 72 hours of delivery time we will collect payment via our debt collectors or see section 14.

13.3 – Any cheques non-refundable will add admin fee of £50.00 to the total amount.



14) Sell or Dispose the goods right:

14.1-  If payment not been received on move day we are entitled to hold the goods unless the payment has been made.

14.2 -  You will have to pay the storage charge with delivery charge too.

14.3 If payment not been made with in 14 days of from the move date a charge of £100.00 will be added to original price with storage and delivery charge. If we still not receive the after the 14 days a daily charge of £30.00 will be added.

14.4 – If full payment has not been received after 30 days we will sell or dispose your goods in order to cover some of the cost. Debt collectors will recover rest from you.



15) Liability cover for loss or damage:

We have limited liability cover for loss and damage however you can increase the amount in initial contact when providing the inventory.


15.1 -  We will pay the sum of £50.00 equivalent to the cost of repair or replacement in the event of our negligence and breech of contract.

15.2 -  In events of damage to property due to our negligence we will only be covering the damage area. Which has to be reported with 24 hours of move date.

15.3 We will not be responsible of damage of any items in the box packed by you.



16) Time limit to make a claim:

16.1 – Any damage to property and goods by our negligence or breech of contract must be notified with 24 hours of delivery.

16.2 – Claim can be maid on the phone, by email or by writing to us. The contact information can be found on our website.


17) Sub Contract, Route and Method:


17.1 – We have right to sun contract the work.

17.2 -  in event of sub contracting the terms and condition still applies.

17.3 -  It is our right to choose route and method for move unless specifically agreed otherwise in writing at the time of the booking.

18)  Forwarding Address:

18.1 – When storing your goods with Load shifters, you must provide an address and notify us if it changes. Any notice or letter send by us to your address recorded by us will be considered received by you after the sending date.

18.2 – If you don’t notify us of any changes to your address or don’t provide an address, all the extra cost of finding your whereabouts and any legal fee will be add to your balance.


19) Modification of Storage Charge:

You will be given 3 months written notice to any changes in our storage charges.


20) Elimination:

20.1 – In order to cancel your storage contract you must provide 7 working days’ notice (working days explain in clause 11).